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You'll appreciate the help of professional plumbers who are licensed to provide plumbing and drain cleaning services. If you're in the residential and commercial areas of Lansing, and the Tri-County area, we guarantee complete drain cleaning service at competitive rates.


Don't brush off necessary plumbing repairs. If your drains are making a strange noise or water is backing up call us right away! A simple clog can become a problem quick if it's not given the attention it needs.

Plumbing for any type property

Call us for your residential or commercial property plumbing issues. It's important to protect your plumbing system with regular maintenance and repairs.

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Use our water jetting services

Blast your pipes and sewers clean with water jetting services. High-pressure will blow out any clogs and allow water and sewage to flow much more freely.

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You'll be impressed at how affordable our plumbing services are. Using camera inspection, we'll determine what needs attention and give you a FREE quote.

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